Huw Watkins
Head of Intelligence
UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

Huw Watkins is the Head of Intelligence at the UK Intellectual Property Office. Prior to joining the Civil Service, Huw retired from Gwent Police after 32 years operational service, mostly as a detective working in covert policing, serious and organised crime and public protection. He encountered the risks relating to food crime in 2005 when leading a team investigating the E-Coli outbreak that claimed the life of 5 year old Mason Jones in south Wales. He has co-ordinated the UK response to OPSON (a world-wide food crime initiative led by Interpol) for the past 4 years, recently joined by a co-lead from the FSA.

Huw's team have worked with enforcement in the UK, Europe and further to highlight the use of intellectual property crime to facilitate frauds.  The focus provided by OPSON has enabled a greater co-ordination of industry, government and enforcement resources in the UK and abroad.